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The Truth About Serums...

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In the ever-expanding world of skin care products, serums are relatively new kids on the block and they’re raising quite a few eyebrows, not to mention a few questions. So, what’s all the buzz about? How do they work? Why should I use one? How often?

Let’s get straight to the truth and demystify any confusion. Serums are a potent powerhouse of highly concentrated anti-aging ingredients designed to nourish, hydrate, even out skin tone and brighten your skin.
The molecules in serums are smaller than a moisturiser, allowing them to penetrate more effectively, reaching the deepest layers, which makes them perfect for targeting wrinkles! Applying a moisturiser directly after serum application helps super-charge the moisture delivery deep into skin cells, at the same time creating a barrier to keep all the goodness locked in.

Dindi Naturals anti-aging and brightening serums are made with native plant compounds, including kangaroo paw, native snowflower extract, bearberry extract and resveratrol to name but a few. With pure essential oils of sandalwood, rose absolute and frankincense, your skin will look and smell amazing

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