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One Quiet Saturday.....

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Disturbed by the roar coming off the highway, Bec (our shop assistant), looked up as a dozen or so Harley Davidson motorbikes all gathered on the front lawn of Dindi Naturals, Yarck. A variety of shapes and sizes dismounted from their metal steeds, gleaming in the sunlight, where one rider made his way into the store.

Bec looked at the man with long wiry growth that reached down to his waist and thought hmmm...beard soap.

A big powerful voiced boomed across the shop "I heard you make a really good beard soap". Bec reached for a tin and said "Yes, here it is!" Looking suspiciously at the tin with the trademark 'd' on the lid, the big bloke asked "What's in it?" Bec began to reply "Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, hempseed..." "HEMP?! I'll take it!" 

The big bloke paid for his soap, exited the shop and with a cheeky grin joined his comrades. The Harleys all roared to life where one by one, the shiny steeled beasts all streamed out onto Maroondah Highway and peace, once again, descended on Dindi.


Our Beard Soap is suitable for anyone's beard and body, or any hair for that matter. Pure Australian essential oils of aniseed myrtle, lemon ironbark and peppermint ensure it smells great, whilst extracts of kelp, hops, amla, bamboo charcoal and clay help to keep hair healthy and shiny.

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