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Oils ain’t oils….unless they’re essential!

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In a modern world, abound with synthetic imposters masquerading as essential oils, its tricky business for the untrained eye to spot the difference, so let’s break it down.

Essential oils are steam distilled, heavenly scented, plant-based extracts that smell as though Mother Nature herself just wafted by.  Fragrance oils, by contrast are synthetic, chemical impersonators that smell as per the aforementioned definition.

Working exclusively with only the finest pure essential oils refines the sense of smell so acutely, that our Dindi Naturals team can spot a synthetic fragrance quicker than you can say sustainable.

Our range of oils are carefully sourced and selected to ensure exceptional quality. We also have a range of complimentary blends that work in synergy to create some proven Dindi Naturals favourites such as Calm Flower and Fresh Australia (also available in room mist and reed diffusers).

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